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NTD group a.s.

NTD group a.s. is an engineering projecting and montage joint-stock company. It was founded in 1.1.1999 with a goal of providing complex service to their customers with guarantee of professional and commercial responsibilities required during implementation of national and private contracts and constructions that are funded with international programs.

We are realize our production especially on a market with traffic and city infrastructure in area of signaling technology, telematics for management and monitoring of traffic, railway communicatory a security technologies, lighting, energetic and electro montages. We provide comprehensive performance of contracts (studies, project activities, construction execution, warranty and after warranty service, maintenance, device management) according to customer requirements. The scope is whole territory of Czech Republic. NTD group a.s. owns wholly holds the company NTD Ltd., founded in 01.1993 and KABELCOM Ltd, founded in 01.1997. Priority of NTD group a.s. is ensure of optimal and effective activity in all group companies.

Comercial register

NTD s.r.o.

NTD Ltd. was registered to commercial register on day 19.1.1993. From year 1999 is in 100% holding of NTD group a.s.

NTD Ltd. is production and construction montage company. It implements deliveries, montages, maintenance, and service in all areas of group activities (railway communicatory and security devices, road lighting and signaling devices, camera systems for traffic telematics, public lighting and electro montages etc.).

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KABELCOM spol. s r.o.

KABELCOM spol. s r.o. was formed by dividing of company Comatel Ltd. on day 17.1.1997. From year 1999 is in 100% holding of company NTD group a.s.

KABELCOM spol. s r.o. acts primarily in area of constructions and transshipment of all cable network types, land a building works, repairing of traffic and pedestrian communication.

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About group

Group NTD has experienced and professionally strong workers with great technical a managerial skills with all needed technical and material resources for optimum implementation of contracts. Companies of the group reside in their own reconstructed building, with sufficient office, production and storage area. For complex implementation of our products and offered services, we meet all necessary legal actions and orders, certificates and authorization, so all accomplished projects respond to legal a technical standards and prescriptions of Czech Republic.

NTD group a.s. má zaveden systém jakosti a je certifikována dle ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016 a ČSN EN ISO 14001:2016

NTD group a.s. vlastní dceřiné společnosti NTD s.r.o. a Kabelcom spol. s r.o.

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