Environmental and quality policy (environmental policy)

NTD group a.s. undertakes in area of environmental management to carry out their activities, that was consistent with relevant legislation (laws, decree and regulation) issued in connection with environmental protection, and are covered to their environmental aspects.

In addition, will:

  • Strive to eliminate or minimize adverse effects of their activities, products and services on environment and on health of workers
  • Design products and technologies during their engineering activity with minimal impact on environment
  • Minimize consumption of energy and materials with significant impact on environment and will care about recycling of the emerging wastes
  • Determine goals with values and programs of EMS for ensuring of constant improvement of the system.
  • Familiarize their employees with environmental policy and will implement determined goals and within education of employees will raise their awareness and the knowledge required in environmental
  • Be introducing new knowledge into practice in the field of occupational safety and hygiene and fire protection
  • Prevent emergency situations and environmental pollution by preventive measures
  • Cooperate in the field of environment with the relevant government authorities in order to respect national and regional environmental policy

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NTD group a.s. má zaveden systém jakosti a je certifikována dle ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016 a ČSN EN ISO 14001:2016

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