Technologies and devices for road traffic – city infrastructure, roads and highways

Traffic light signaling devices (SSZ), variable message signs (VMS)

Traffic light signaling devices (controlled traffic intersections and pedestrian crossings), including remote monitoring and management, public transport and vehicles of emergency system preferation, red light violation detection and other telematic supersctructures.

Warning signs on exits of vehicles with the right of the way. (vehicles IZS).

Variable message signs (VMS) and information radars for regulation of traffic and improving traffic fluency and safety.

Additional light barriers at rail crossings.

Detection of violation, monitoring of traffic, telematic applications – camera systems UNICAM

Red light violation detection – UnicamREDLIGHT.

Measurement of section speed – UnicamVELOCITY.

Measure of speed, classification of traffic flow, collection of traffic data, measure compliance of safe distance between each other of moving vehicles – UnicamSPEED.

Detection of traffic excesses and dangerous situations, detection of columns, measure time of expected arrivals etc.

Automatic reading of license plates SPZ/RZ, automatic reading of labels – ADR (danger signals on vehicles that transport dangerous goods) etc.

Road weather stations (SMS)

Detection and publication of weather situation on the road.

Parking systems, entrance and exit barriers and gates etc.

Parking service and unattended systems for control of number and regulation of the movement on the parking lot and charging of parking.

Guidance systems and information sheets with actual state of availability of the parking lot.

Camera systems for automatic reading of license plates, defined control of entrance a exit of vehicles, providing an overview of image information and other applications.

Systems for security of entrances or exits from company objects, hospital and sport areas, court houses and other closed objects.

Public lighting

Public and technology lighting, parking lights, entrances and access roads.

Telecommunication and energetic cable sites

Construction and relocating of telecommunication and energetic cables from different cable network administrators.

Security of pedestrian crossings

Lights with active elements (light controlled pedestrian crossings), traffic sings IP6 with reflective sheeting, flashing warning signals S7, recessed LED lights in communication.

Additional lighting switches with asymmetric radiation pattern and different colors of light from the normal public lighting around.

Detectors of pedestrians on the crossing for pedestrians in its close distance (active indication in detect zone).

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