Technology and devices for rail transport – national and regional railways, spurs and special railways (subway)

Rail communication and security devices

  • Railway signalling and interlocking devices
  • Track signalling devices
  • Level crossing signalling devices, additional light barriers
  • Production of the testing devices for mobile part of train controler
  • Train detection means
  • Information devices for passengers, radio station etc.
  • Communicatory and information devices
  • Cable sites

Rail communication and security devices – own production

  • Catalog of products NTD Ltd.
  • Custom manufacturing (metalwork, electric products)
  • Repairs and renovation of railway signaling equipment
  • Additional light barrier at level crossings

Technologic a public lighting of railway stations, energetics

  • Lighting of marshalling yards, humps, places for public travelling (platforms, subways, terminal buildings etc.).
  • Construction and relocating of cable sites
  • Electro montages, low voltage and high voltage installations and distributions, LV and HV connections

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